Datsik—a Russian MMA wild man and brothel raiding neo-Nazi—has found a new home

Vyacheslav Datsik—Russia’ mixed martial arts wild man—needed less than a single round to secure his first ever bare-knuckle boxing victory.

Flanked by a series of haystacks that made up the parameters of the Top Dog FC ring, Datsik stalked his opponent, a financial adviser from Bournemouth, England, named Randy Randayn, and hammered him with repeated blows to the delight of the crowd in attendance. With less than 90 seconds left in the opening round, Datsik landed a powerful overhand right before swarming his opponent with several more hard shots until his white collar opponent’s corner threw in the towel.

The victory marked Datsik’s third win at a combat sports event since his most recent release from prison in November 2020. However, prior to reinventing himself as a boxer, Datsik had a well-publicized criminal history involving robberies, assaults, and murder threats, and raids on brothels. He is also an avowed white supremacist and a former member of a banned neo-Nazi group in Russia who, despite being welcomed back by the Russian combat sports community, has shown no remorse for his history of violence and hate.

Return of the ‘Red Tarzan’

Datsik has long been viewed as one of the most controversial characters in MMA.

The self-proclaimed “Red Tarzan,” was initially known for being the first fighter to knock out future UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski, whom he defeated in his MMA debut in 1999. He continued to fight professionally for the next seven years, earning a reputation for his wild fighting style and controversial in-ring antics.

After taking part in his final MMA bout on Aug. 23, 2006, Datsik seemingly vanished from public life, leading to rumors that he had died in a train wreck. However, it was later reported that he had been detained in 2007 over a series of armed robberies of phone shops in St. Petersburg, Russia. He reportedly justified these crimes by claiming that his targets were racially motivated and that he only stole from shops that he believed belonged to “non-Russians.” He also claimed that Jesus Christ was a Mossad agent and that he himself was a “white warrior” named “Red Tarzan,” the son of Slavic pagan god Perun.

Following an official examination of his mental health, it was deemed that Datsik suffered from schizophrenia. He avoided criminal charges but was placed in a high-security mental institution. In 2010, he was transferred to a low-security psychiatric clinic, which he promptly escaped from after tearing a hole in the fence. He then illegally crossed the border into Norway and turned himself over to the Norwegian authorities and asked for political asylum. He was denied asylum—Datsik had reportedly arrived in Norway covered neo-Nazi symbols, handed in a loaded handgun, and declared himself “not a nationalist but a racist”—and was deported back to Russia.

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